A mathematical and cynical point of view of being democratic!!

Disclaimer : This post, howsoever humorous, nonsense, complicated or cynical, makes sense if you can replace yourself with any of the variables. My knowledge of mathematics is quite basic; but my understanding of people, is not! And if you insist to take offence, do that, I do not really mind.


Lets assume there are X number of people in a fixed (pun intended) situation. Y people have grievances against an institutional setting and processes. The assumption here is that the remaining no. (X-Y) also have some or the other grievances which they do not wish to raise out of several reasons (citing individual choice, respect for the people responsible for the issues, indifference, ever-lasting hope that the world will change [‘gandhigiri’ if I may be allowed to use the term], special ability to realise there is nothing wrong etc etc – This list will go on increasing with the writer’s anger, directly proportional to time.)

Now, suppose there is a mathematically insignificant number of people who can look into everyone else in the eyes and say they genuinely have no issue with the processes keeping in mind all the above factors. There is a sociological problem of considering them as a separate population as it would be against the very principles of the presence of feelings in humans. Thus they are a mathematically insignificant number and hence negligible.

Now, X as a group of people is only powerful when it makes sense as a collective. Y people shouting and crying hue does not actually make any sense as (X-Y) is always greater than Y and hence usually looked down upon as well.

It is when the problems of X reach such escalating heights that the issues need to be addressed. Now X is the most powerful body if it does not fragment itself. (The usual case being otherwise – again out of several ‘super-structural’ issues!)

Given this, we need to find solutions so that all such super-structures can be decomposed and demolished so that X assumes all the power again. If we assume ‘C’ to be in favour to this given state and ‘D’ to be those against it, then the equation assumes much more complications. For now, lets just assume that D is more powerful in the practical terms than C.

To solve all problems of X, D also needs to understand that they cannot superimpose, specially with (X+C) combined.

But its still a hoax show, all parties involved have to put up a brilliant performance for the whole world to see, coz there is still someone out there who always watches over (no pun intended here, literally speaking). Then what to do remains a ‘solution to be sought for’. This solution, has to come from X, (although only those solutions which are acceptable to maintain D’s position of absolute power will in practice be entertained) so that the blame of the entire process, as and when they fail [owing to the super-structure, remember!!]  lies with X and no one can utter a word in the future!! (Oh really, does D really think X is a fool?! ….Ummm…yes it does!)


So let X come together, put up a brilliant show, try to stress all the authority which remains only on paper and then end up being blamed for what D has already planned out! But there is also no other option….thats the way it has to go on. But D has to keep in mind that X is no longer just a bunch of people, they are thinking humans, more efficient than D can ever dream of being. So D….cmon….pull up your sleeves, roll up your wrists and be ready for a real show in the real sense; coz X is ready (too hopefully, again!).


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