The politics of being apolitical


People say there is nothing as being apolitical, everyone has their own politics. Then one day when you realise that being political takes away so much comfort from your own self that even being a human being starts getting difficult. When the ideological positions you take is in itself so problematic that the middle class dream of the ‘rocking arm-chair in the garden’ … just shatters away.

When you start taking positions in life you had hitherto not taken makes you a deviant, makes you a non-believer, and for most of the people, even a hypocrite. I ask one and all who accuse me when I do something like that, “Why the hell did you not accuse me when I had no standpoint, when I could just listen and not act, when I made no effort to change myself or my environment?” You did that because it was all too comforting, comforting for you and comforting for me.

Dreams are universal, but aren’t homogenous. Isnt it my natural right to dream for myself? When that dream involves changing your own hypocritical attitude towards me and my positions, isnt it right for me to scream from the top of my voice that you need to change that cynical attitude. When I believe in something, I made a conscious and informed decision for my own self. I need no preaching and moral guidelines on the same lines against which my basic and firm standpoint is. When you choose to stay silent and pretend to be so moral, I do not call you ‘apolitical’ and make a ruckus about it, but why do I need to face opposition from all the hypocrites in the world for something I believe in for my own personal self, for when I start turning from a so-called ‘apolitical arena’ to a ‘political’ one, in which my actions speak for my own individual politics.

I have been hearing from several years that when people start talking about you, it means you have done something great. I do not want to be great. I just want to hold on to belief-systems which I find most suitable for myself. There is a lot of individual complexities in it already, which nurtures and nourishes such belief-systems, to make me a better human in my own eyes. I do not owe an explanation to anyone ‘political or apolitical’ to be political about it, to police it or give their humane and liberal ideas on survival of the material world over the ideal world. Survival for me is not merely based on material but to attain a state where things have their own positions – material only being one of them.

So, this goes to anyone and everyone who think they can be apolitical in the traditional sense and escape from the chasm of your own complexities in life – this doesnt work anymore! So, before you start making others silent observers in the larger scheme of things, look within and then speak, can you keep your mouth shut when your individuality is being challenged by your individual self – day in and day out. If you still can, then you need not open your mouth and dare speak again- for you have lost all you ever had earned in life, the basic thing you so preach – humanity!!


I am personally apologetic to anyone who might have felt offended from my views, I didnt write to offend you per se- but then, by the virtue of you feeling offended, you just made my point stronger.


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